Former outpost of the Ceinwen Kingdom, Windholme grew from its humble beginnings as a fort into the largest town in the ruined kingdom. It was sufficiently far from the source of blight and well-defended enough to provide limited protection to the citizens that tried to eke out a meager harvest from the tough soil.

Now that the threat has diminished (as much as can be expected in such an uncivilized frontier), the people are starting to grumble about the need for such a high level of militarization—and the equally high tax it takes to support it.

Windholme has a dual leadership. First is the Military Consul, a position elected by only the militia men and women and currently held by Emmet Skull-breaker. The second is the Citizen’s Consul, elected by the rest of the populace. That position is currently held by Havren d’Brosia, but it is an election year, and he is being challenged by Adalaide Hearthbow.


Fighter’s Guild

Contracts for sword work can be negotiated at the Fighter’s Guild, the cost varying depending on the task required.

Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe

Bairwin can imbue items with permanent effects of spells 2nd level or lower for 500gp plus the 20 times the cost of the required components for that spell. Such an item takes 20 days to complete. He also has a number of items for sale:

  • Wizard Scrolls (Cantrip – 1st Level) 50gp
  • Wand of the War Mage +1 500gp
  • Rotating stock of other uncommon magic items 500gp

Temple of Lathander

Doak can perform weddings, funerals and other priestly functions for free. 1st level Cleric rituals can be performed for a fee depending on the ritual. In addition, he can remove curses for a 100gp donation to the temple.

Moonstone Jewelry

Minor magical trinkets can be purchased here on a rotating basis for 100gp.


Metal weapons and armor can be purchased here, as detailed in the PH.

City Market

Representing a number of entrepreneurial people travelling throughout the region, the market can have all sorts of interesting items. Relatively common are the dwarven-made weapons and armor coming from Holdfast, which are of exceptional quality (don’t let the smithy see you with one, though). Spending an hour browsing the market will give you a sense of the wares vendors are hawking, as well as the ones they’ll only part with in the shadows of an alley or a dim corner of the Prancing Pony.


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