Originally a bustling city on the way to the King’s Seat, Ceinwen saw a precipitous decline in population as the blight spread, becoming a town, then a minor village. Now, with Cullen gone, and the protection of the adventurers that defeated him, it stands ready to grow and become a force in the Vale once more under the wise leadership of its mayor, Thomas Tresendar.


Stonehill Inn

Baern can sell potions of healing (which will get you drunk), and perform 1st level Wizard rituals for a fee.

Barthen’s Provisions

Barthen sells all equipment, light armor, and simple weapons listed in the PH, but only keeps 4 healing potions (of the non-alcoholic variety) in stock.

Woodworker’s Shop

Halia Thistle can build furniture of excellent quality. She also carries all the wooden weapons and ammunition listed in the PH.

Miner’s Provisions

Hadoris will buy all gems and metals.


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