Brother of Tinith, Nykel was infected with lycanthropy at some point after leaving his clans home in the woods around the King’s Seat. When the clan was terrorized by werewolves, a group of hunters went out to investigate, finding tracks that Tinith soon realized were intentionally leading them astray.

Rushing home, Tinith found his brother looming over his dead family. The end of the ensuing battle found Tinith defeated and Nykel laughing, leaving him alive to suffer the loss of his family for the rest of his nigh eternal days.

Afterward, Tinith hunted Nykel for years, most recently finding hints of him organizing a large band of were creatures in the Blackwood using the were-name Bloodfang. Upon investigation, the heroes learned that he was being used by a demon who presented itself as the form of an Elven god, promising to help restore Querellon.

When the demon revealed its true form, Nykel/Bloodfang disengaged from the battle and disappeared into the woods, careful enough to mix his trail with those of the other werewolves who were freed from enthrallment as the glabrezu demon died.


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